Extreme Makeover: Badger Edition

By Kipper Sinclair Staff Reporter

Everything changes and evolves including the Amarillo College badger. Since the school was established in 1929, there has been a badger logo to represent AC, but now that badger has a new look. 

The process of coming up with a new design for the logo lasted just over a year. There were meetings to determine the direction of the logo, updating it to reflect AC’s slogan and “Success is” campaign. “It’s kind of fierce and fun and sporty and kind of competitive with what other colleges look like right now,” Kevin Ball, vice president of communications and marketing, said. Ball said the new badger is quite different from the older logos, which clearly reflect the eras during which they were created.

Student reactions to the new logo vary. “The new logo makes Amarillo College look more credible as a college because it is not as cartoony as the 2008 one,” Rafael Flores, a general studies major, said.

Some students disagree with Flores. Jackson Ford, a criminal justice major, said he prefers the original 1929 logo to the latest version. “Whereas WT’s logo has been the same for a long time and it’s super simple, literally it is a white buffalo there is no detail it’s just a white silhouette of a buffalo, and that is kind of why I like that one best because it is simple,” Ford said.

Students who attended Badger Beginnings were able to submit name suggestions for the redesigned mascot. Later this fall, the whole student body will be able to vote online for its final name. 

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