Stop procrastinating, start planning

By CAROLINA BARBA, Staff Reporter |

Carolina Barba
Carolina Barba

College can get the best of us. Sometimes we find ourselves procrastinating on our school work for way too long and then get angry that our work isn’t done and eventually late.

People put other things first that they may believe is more important and eventually regret doing what they did instead of doing their school work.

There are so many things students choose first such as partying, hanging out with friends, watching Netflix and spending timeless hours on social media refreshing the page.

During that time, students could get most of their work done and don’t even realize that they can until their day has been wasted. It is OK to say no to friends once in a while and stay home and do school work. If we just spend one hour of our day doing school work so much could be accomplished. 

Social media will always be there, it is never going away. We could all use a little less time on our phone and be more productive with our days. 

A planner could be a solution for some students. Organizing your life visually can really help out like scheduling the things you would do throughout the day. It makes it easy to physically see what is planned next and go on with your day.

Something similar to that is creating a to-do list. It is satisfying to be able to cross things off your list and it makes you feel accomplished.

We can easily set reminders and place due dates on our phone such as the calendar that is provided on most phones.

At the end of the day it is your education and your money that pays for it, so why waste time and money when you can just get things done and out of the way. 

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