Clean campus receives high marks from students, staff

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By JAKE DAY, Staff Reporter |

If you’ve been around Amarillo College’s Washington Street Campus, you know there isn’t much excess trash or litter. Students say that they just try to pick up after themselves, especially in public.

“Like my car is a mess, but I’m clean in public,” Noah Henley, a biology major, said. “Some students just don’t seem to care, but most of them do pick up after themselves.”

There are only a few places on campus that students say they see some excess litter – mainly the bathrooms of the older buildings and in the parking lot.

“I saw this guy carrying something, get to his car, look around, just dropped it by his car and drove off,” Whisper King, an engineering major, said. “But that is the only time I’ve really seen anyone litter and I picked it up and threw it away.” 

Other students also mentioned picking up litter on campus. Dave Snelson, the custodial superintendent, has worked in groundskeeping and custodial services at AC for 20 years. 

In all those years, he said, he only recalls one memorable time of someone littering. “I was doing my rounds over by Ordway Hall and this student was just tossing things out of their car,” Snelson said. 

“When I went over to offer my trash bag, they got a little froggy and started putting everything back in the car, but if that’s the worst story from 20 years of work, I’d say that’s pretty good,” he said. “The students here have never really been bad about cleaning up after themselves.”

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