New partnership with WT makes it easier for students to transfer


By BRIANNA MAESTAS, Staff Reporter¦

Amarillo College and West Texas A&M University have joined forces in the creation of Destination WT. This new agreement means that everyone enrolled at AC will now also be guaranteed admission to West Texas A&M.

Upon declaration of an Associate of Art or an Associate of Science major, AC students will be admitted into WT.

“You’re in if you want to be in and you will actually have to opt out of this agreement otherwise. This partnership is there to make it easier because it means you are already streamlined to get into WT,” said Joe Wyatt, assistant director of communications and marketing.

Transfer checkups will be available, which means students will have access to both an AC and a WT adviser upon enrollment at AC so that they can ensure the right path for the smoothest transfer. A student planning module can be set that helps students understand what classes will and will not transfer with them at WT.

“It puts me at ease knowing I have a security blanket with this program when going to WT,” Jordan Gipson, a mass media major, said.

Students who have 60 credit hours and at least a 3.5 grade-point average will be granted a WT scholarship regardless of financial need.

“I like that every student is basically guaranteed a scholarship,” Nazario Maestas, a general studies major, said.

This agreement will go into place in the spring of 2019 but some features may not be available until fall of 2019, college officials said.

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