Better latte than never, Palace coffee project delayed:

By Stevi Breshears:

Students who are eager to start the fall semester at Amarillo College with a brand-new Palace Coffee in the Badger Den will have to wait a little longer than anticipated to get their caffeine fix. Originally, it looked as though the new location would be open by the time school started, but now it seems the project has been pushed back.

“We are still working on finalizing all of the details with the administration, and we aren’t quite sure of an estimated open date at this time,” Palace owner Krystal Burns said.

The good news is, when Palace does open on the Washington Street Campus – and it will, eventually – the full menu will be available anytime class is in session.

“The AC shop will be a full Palace location. We will proudly serve all of our tasty coffee, pastry and other drink options at this location, just as we do in our other three shops,” Burns said. “While we aren’t sure of our exact hours, our plan is to be open any time classes are in session during the weekdays.”

Along with coffee and food, the new coffee shop will also offer opportunities for student employment. Interviews will be conducted closer to the opening date, and interested applicants can send résumés, work availability and a brief essay on why they want to work with Palace to

While there are still a few issues holding up progress on the Palace project, owners Patrick and Krystal Burns said they are still excited to be opening up on the AC campus.

“Palace Coffee has always been about culture, community and coffee. When we were approached by AC to submit a bid, the heart of our bid was to build a space where everyone on campus can feel like they belong. We are excited to provide a place of community and be a part of AC’s wonderful organization,” Krystal Burns said. “Students will be able to come together and study, build relationships and enjoy a great cup of coffee together. We also hope to draw members of the surrounding neighborhood onto the campus so that they can see what amazing things are happening at Amarillo College.”

AC officials said they had to put the coffee shop on the back burner to get the Amarillo College Medi-Park Campus-Hagy Center for Young Children finished.

With that project now completed, the renovations for the new coffee shop are expected to be completed during fall semester. So the coffee is coming, but it will take more time to brew.


  1. It’s either chick-fil-a or palace coffee, not both. I think most people would prefer the food option. Quit letting palace coffee undermine the school’s authority.

    • Some of us don’t like fast food and would prefer a healthier option. I’m not saying that Palace Coffee will be the perfect option for healthy eaters, but at least not everything will be fried. There is a number of vegans and vegetarians on campus as well. Chick-Fil-a doesn’t have options for these students, because even the fries are fried in the same grease as the chicken. Palace coffee can provide a more wide-spread menu and will have something for everyone.

      • Summer-
        Chick-fil-a does have healthy options. They serve salads, fruit, wraps, grilled chicken/nuggets, super-food kale side, soups, Greek yogurt parfait, and multi-grain cereal. They don’t have quit the selection for coffee though, cold brewed, hot brewed and frosted coffee is all I believe. It doesn’t make any difference to me just letting you know it is not all fried chicken and waffle fries. 🙂
        I’d just be happy to have either one since I’m a night class student driving 1 hour to and from classes coming straight from work.

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