Intramural sports offer arena for engagement:

By Savannah Tarbet:

The Amarillo College Intramural Sports Program gives students, faculty and staff members the chance to participate in a variety of athletic events and build relationships outside of the classroom.

“The program helps create well-rounded students that not only come to school to accomplish their academic requirements, but to also provide an arena for engagement,” Trent Oneal, Intramural Sports director, said.

The Intramural Sports Program offers a variety of sports and activities including leagues, one-day tournaments and daily activities in the Carter Fitness Center.

“The leagues that we offer are flag football, volleyball, basketball and softball. The one-day tournaments we offer are three-on-three basketball, soccer and sand volleyball.

Daily activities are offered every Monday through Thursday at 1:30 p.m. in the Carter Fitness Center and change daily. Every Monday is a different game like dodgeball, ultimate Frisbee, nine square and others. Every Tuesday and Thursday is volleyball and every Wednesday is ultimate handball,” Oneal said. All AC students and staff are eligible to play at no cost.

Students who want to get involved in a league or a one-day tournament need to create a free account and register on the IMLeagues website, and either create a team or join an existing team.

To participate in the daily activities at the Carter Fitness Center, students just need to show up ready to play.

Most of the activities take place near AC’s Washington Street Campus. “Our flag football and soccer take place in Memorial Park (right behind the Carter Fitness Center); whereas our basketball and volleyball take place in the Carter Fitness Center; while softball takes place at John Stiff Park. Most of the daily activities happen in the Carter Fitness Center or in Memorial Park,” Oneal said.

Oneal urges the entire college community to join the Intramural Sports Program, “Intramurals provides a great opportunity to have fun with friends and get some exercise. It doesn’t matter if you’re a novice or an advanced player we always welcome everyone,” he said.

The Intramural Sports Program will begin at the start of the fall semester and the last day to register for the flag football league is Sept. 4.

You can register on the IMLeagues website at,

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