No need to stress over parking mess

By MARISSA KING, Ranger Reporter:

Every AC student is familiar with the daily grind of hunting for a parking spot. It seems nearly impossible to find a decent parking spot close to campus at high time. People just wind up getting frustrated and hating their awful parking spots that they nabbed just a few minutes before class.

To fight this seemingly endless cycle of self-induced torture, students can do one of three simple things; come up to campus early, carpool or enjoy a walk or bike ride.

Getting over to campus early may seem like a hassle, but it does have its advantages. Not only can students enjoy choosing, actually choosing rather than hunting, where to park, they can also enjoy spending the extra time catching up on schoolwork or maybe even going to the Carter Fitness Center if they’re feeling up to it.

Carpooling can be a fun experience if given a shot. Find a friend or neighbor who wouldn’t mind the company and tag along with them. Not only will the morning be spent with a friend, but it may also lead to some unexpected help with the homework you couldn’t quite figure out or some tips for the quiz that’s coming up.

You could also just skip the parking altogether. The mornings in Amarillo are relatively nice and mild, perfect for walking or riding a bike.

Imagine relaxing in the morning, listening to your music and just enjoying the trip to campus.

Don’t spend your morning in some kind of parking duel that can become the world’s most popular epic next to The Odyssey. Count to 10, take a breath and just relax, because there is no need to stress over something as trivial as parking, especially being a college student.

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