Garage wanted

By CLAIRE EKAS, Ranger Reporter:

Garage wantedIt’s long overdue for Amarillo College to address the absurd parking situation. The parking shortage on AC’s Washington Street Campus creates numerous problems, such as causing students to arrive late to class. A parking garage would create a safer campus. Building a parking garage would increase the number of available parking spots and would prevent students from parking in front of nearby residents’ homes.

No one likes driving around for 30 minutes trying to find a parking spot. Professors don’t like students coming late to class, and students don’t like being late. If the parking situation is not fixed now, Amarillo College will have a much harder time fixing the problem in the future. As each year goes by, more and more students enroll at AC, meaning a larger percentage of students who struggle to find a parking spot.

A parking garage would create more parking for students, faculty and visitors. No one would have to park on the street anymore, which would mean the end of costly parking tickets. A garage could solve many of the daily frustrations most students experience at AC.

Although building and maintaining a parking garage could be costly, the students could pay for a parking pass for the entire year and that money could help keep the parking garage functioning properly. The initial cost of building the parking garage could be solved with a bond proposal or approaching the Amarillo Economic Development Corp. about a proposed partnership to bring in the funds that are needed.

This theoretical parking garage could be a reality if AC turned its focus toward these avenues of opportunity.

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