Adult Students Program offers advising, funds, hope

Nacy Brent, coordinator of the Adult Students Program, advises Nashon Steed

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The Adult Students Program helps hundreds of students a semester and offers a wide variety of services that are easily accessible for qualified applicants. “The Adult Students Program has been a tremendous help to me,” said Brenda Patterson, a psychology major. “Nancy Brent and the donors really care about the students. Don’t hesitate to see if they have some way to help you.” “We offer advising, career assistance and scholarships,” said Brent, coordinator of the Adult Students Program. “We offer gasoline reimbursement and child care for some people. We have a textbook lending program where we can lend textbooks to the students for the semester and then at the end of the semester, they turn them back in and it saves them the expense of having to buy the book.”

“I have about 300 to 400 students a semester,” Brent said. “I don’t have a maximum or minimum amount of students. I don’t turn applications down; I accept all applications. I may not have the financial means to help everybody, but I always accept applications. “We are on the AC website under Student Services. We have an application process where you fill out the application which you can download from our website or you can come in and pick it up in our office.”

The Adult Students Program is located in room 130 of the Student Services Center, and the phone number is 806-371-5450. “You need to complete the application,” Brent explained regarding the requirements needed to get into the program. “I need an essay about yourself stating your goals, where you’ve been and where you’re going, three letters from people that know you that can tell me you’re a nice person, and a copy of your most recent transcript.

Nacy Brent, coordinator of the Adult Students Program, advises Nashon Steed
Nacy Brent, coordinator of the Adult Students Program, advises Nashon Steed

“The target group that I look at are mostly married students with children, single students with children or students that are over the typical college age.” “The Adult Students Program is a godsend,” said Casey Pringle, an industrial technology major. “They helped me when I needed it the most.” The Adult Students Program has many services available and they don’t turn down applications. With few requirements and an easy application process, many students can have access to these services.

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