Who you gonna call? ACPD

Written by | Angel Oliva |

New or returning students may not be aware of this, but Amarillo College Police Department offers a variety of different services. Some of these non-emergency services include vehicle unlocks, jump starts and a safety escort program, “if you have a flat tire we can come out we have air pumps if you need assistance changing it,” Cpl.Scott Acker said. One of the largest programs is the safety escort program offered to students, faculty and staff. “There’s some issues that people have had outside that make them feel like, hey, I need to be escorted to my car or to my office.” Officers post around campus (especially at night) so they are ready when classes let out and students head to the parking lot. “If you feel unsafe, we’ll walk with you to and from your car. We’re posted out there all the time,” Officer Stephanie Birkenfeld said.

“We also do a whistle safety program.” During Badger Boot Camp, AC Police will give out whistles to students for added safety at night when classes let out. Of course these are free services that are provided to students, faculty and staff that are on AC campus. They accept calls day and night. If a student’s vehicle needs a jumpstart, AC Police doesn’t want them to just sit out in the parking lot waiting for a tow service when safety is of high concern, “we don’t want you out there in the middle of the night waiting especially if you’re the last car out there” said Cpl. Scott Acker. If a student is in a hurry for class and they happen to lock their keys in their car, they can give AC Police a call to their non-emergency line for help. “They get here late to school or work, they’re late for a test and they leave their keys in their car.”

“We want you to feel safe, we want you to come to school or do your job…safety is our number one concern.” Suggestions from students for new ways that AC Police can help are welcome according to Cpl. Scott Acker. “Call us if you need help in any way.” whether it’s one of these free services or to file a report.” You can reach campus police at 806-371-5163 for non-emergencies and 806-371-5911 for emergencies.

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