Deadpool: Just call him angel of the box office

Written by | Salvador Gutierrez |

Girls were excited for Valentine’s Day, Mexico was excited for the Pope’s visit, Trump was excited for (Insert random situation about immigrants here) but men were excited for something more important than even the NBA all-star game: Deadpool. A very violent, slow-motion, bloody scene with unusual opening credits like “Produced by A[**]hats”, “Directed by an Overpaid Tool”, “Written by the Real Heroes Here” and a memorable song compose the first scene of the new Marvel/FOX production “Deadpool”.

With a budget of $58 million dollar (very economical for a super hero movie), 20th century FOX and Marvel released one of the most amazing super hero movies ever. Did I say super-hero? I meant anti-hero because no, Deadpool is not a superhero; that is why you liked it so much. He is just “Different”. But you have to be asking yourself “What makes an anti-hero different from a super-hero? Well, the difference is that an anti-hero can be working on the side of good, but with a tragic flaw, or for reasons that are selfish and not entirely “pure”. Just like the future DC movie “Suicide Squad” in which some villains will turn to the good side to be super-heroes, but only to stay alive (sorry for the spoiler). But for a better explanation I’ll mention some other Marvel anti-heroes: we have Hulk and Black Widow who will betray Captain America joining the side of Iron man in Captain America: Civil War. Did I say Spoiler alert?

However, the long wait for Deadpool to be green lighted had it’s benefits. Just in its first weekend, the movie set the record of $135 million for an action movie leaving behind the achievement of “Matrix”, and this is very understandable because the movie has excellent special effects, lines, shoots, and a good story development going back and forward telling the origins of this new character that joins the Marvel Cinematic Universe. And now that I’m talking about the MCU I would like to mention the MCU is divided. Some super heroes belong to Disney and others to FOX, and obviously, Deadpool is on the side of FOX, can you imagine this movie under Disney’s signature? It would be crap; to be honest, the main reason I like Deadpool is the dirty jokes and the droll humor, and if the production were in Disney’s, hands nothing would be the same, we wouldn’t have those ultra violent moments of heads chopped and low blows.

Another remarkable fact that makes this movie amazing is Reynolds’ performance, who does not remember that fans movements against Reynolds? None wanted him to play Deadpool after his cameo on “X-men origins: Wolverine,” in which Deadpool was far and away from what the anti-hero actually is, and Reynolds’ performance was poor and superficial, but now, oh my! There was no one but Ryan to be Deadpool. This time, Reynolds knew how to make us laugh, and his body language and voice were very accurate for the character requirements.

The direction is notably good, even when Tim Miller is set to make his directing debut with this film. We have already have seen some of his works in movies such as “Thor: The Dark World” and “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” in which he created the opening scenes. There is good story rhythm, shots, and transitions, especially during action sequences and flashbacks transitions. If you think that the greatness of a movie is due to its soundtrack, let me tell you that Deadpool is not an exception, the soundtrack may seem cheesy and silly but there are not more appropriate songs for an eccentric movie like this one. For example (SPOILER ALERT!) there is an action scene with the song “Angel of the morning” in the background, isn’t that awesome?

And as for the specials effects, they are not awesome, but I can’t deny that they are good; there are good fights, yes, and great action sequences, but we couldn’t expect more from a low budget movie like this one, the CGI is very obvious, but that is what makes this movie a good movie. It is not just special effects and loud sounds; it is more about the story and the actors performance. Even not being the classic super hero movie this movie will become a classic in its own way. I think that if we mix movies like “Rambo” “Spider-Man” “Matrix”, pornography and throw in a bunch of 80s songs, the result will be Wade Wilson’s biopic a.k.a. Deadpool, and I say this with the utmost love.

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