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Written by | Jazmin Herrera |

Metronomic beats intertwined with beautiful sounds of bass, piano and even ukulele is likely what you’ll experience if you’re hearing “Wiped Out!,” an alternative rock album released by The Neighbourhood. The band has paved their way back to fandom with their sophomore LP, released late October of 2015. Eccentric is a great way to describe the band’s style, who first formed in Newbury Park, Calif. in 2011.
From a 30 second silenced intro, to an upbeat, grungy tone at the end of the album, it is clear this album has a unique way of presenting itself. Other reviews will question it, but I find it to be brilliant and risky.

The NBHD was first hyped up with one of their highly popular singles, “Sweater Weather,” off their 2013 album, “I Love You.” The single soon reached number one on Billboard’s alternative chart, peaking at the number one spot. This meant success in other aspects, such as performing at Coachella and SXSW, going on a summer tour called, The Love Collection, with Lovelife, the 1975 and JMSN, as well as a tour with Imagine Dragons in the same year.

The Neighbourhood then went on to releasing a mixtape titled #000000 & #FFFFFF (black & white) in November, after an earlier European tour in 2014. The mixtape that had earlier been released was said to not have had great success, however, “Wiped Out!” brought back the hope one seeks when anticipating a group comeback. In 2015, it was announced that the band would go on a fall tour, “The Flood Tour,” with bands Hunny and Bad Suns before the new album was released. Wiped Out! peaked at number one for U.S. alternative album and number two for U.S. rock album on Billboard.

On Feb. 8, The NBHD announced the, “Wiped Out!” 2016 U.S. tour. with 23 dates, touring in 15 states overall. The tour will most likely enhance a gloomy yet healing atmospheric feel to it. This is a rad combination if you are finding yourself in the heartbreak stage of life. The album ironically includes an acoustic rhythm song called, “Single,” which tells the story of frontman Jesse Rutherford and his current girlfriend, Devon Lee Carlson. The song is an ongoing dilemma of not being able to be around the person you love, and how it becomes infectious and painful to even be around them.
If you appreciate melodic instrumentals and soothing vocals, this is an album that will not disappoint.

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