Power through… Or at least try

Power through…or something like that. We are approaching that time of year, folks. Christmas? Not exactly … the time of year when everything seems to be stress-inducing. Whether we are studying for exams or choosing where to eat, it’s inevitable that stress is involved. Do not fret, for we are here to provide you with the necessary tools to de-stress your life. So kick back and read on, and soon your problems all will be solved. If you find yourself feeling so overwhelmed by the sheer number of tasks you must accomplish, make a list. Then just go through the list and check off each thing, and before you know it, you are done. Or make this oh-so-useful list and then proceed to stare at it, still overwhelmed by the number of things you must accomplish, and become paralyzed with anxiety. It’s your choice. Another helpful tip is to stop procrastinating. It’s easy; just turn off all your technology and tell yourself it’s worth it. Wow. How simple is that? Hey, let’s be honest: we all have tried that, and seconds later our hands cramp up at the need to text or surf the Web as our fingers stretch toward the “on” button. You tried, and that is what counts. (Not really.)


Ah … the ever so useful tip to channel your stress into exercise. What a good idea. Just go for a jog or pump some weights, and suddenly you will be stress-free. There is a possibility that as you jog and pump those weights, your brain will remain consumed with all you have to do and you’ll think … what am I doing exercising when I have so much to accomplish? We do not know the solution, but this method is all over the Web as a good method, so there you go. OK, time to be serious. What? The above words were not meant to be taken wholeheartedly you ask? Stress is inevitable, but guess what … you are in college. Try our tips or begin by contemplating your pillow. It’s soft and luxurious. Just lie down for a little while. That homework can wait. After all, you’re not sleeping, you’re resting your eyes … and then wake from your accidental nap in a panic because you have run out of time to accomplish your tasks. Our methods certainly could not hurt compared to the alternative. Power through … plan … study hard … Christmas break is coming regardless of your stress. If nothing else, remember that if you lie in bed paralyzed by your own anxiety, you will not accomplish your assignments, then you will not graduate, and then you will not have a career. But hey, at least you got a quick nap in. Those are your options … and if that doesn’t make you jump out of bed … well, we tried.

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