OPINION: It’s time for fall to start


Pull out the candy corn and hang your wreaths, because the best season of all is rolling into town and yes, folks, I’m talking about fall. Ahh, I already can smell the apple cider in the air and watch the leaves change colors.

Don’t get me wrong; summer is great and all, but I’m ready to be able to raise my hand without having a nasty sweat patch.

The Panhandle has the worst dry summer heat, and I’m ready to be able to step outside my door without having a heat stroke just walking down my driveway. I’d much rather wear boots and sweaters than tank tops and shorts.

Lots of great things happen in the fall. The kids go back to school, for example. Parents love their kids, but after two months, “Mom, mom,” and “She/he keeps looking at me,” can drive anyone crazy. And nothing says “I love fall” more than waking up to a quiet, clean house.

That fireplace that collected dust those two months can come to use when the night falls and the temperature drops.

Nothing compares to cuddling up with someone under a warm blanket, drinking hot chocolate while the sound of popping firewood fills up the room. Don’t forget Grey’s Anatomy, though, because fall wouldn’t be fall without Grey’s Anatomy.

Everyone can enjoy fall. Halloween is right around the corner, and what’s funnier than picking out costumes and craving pumpkin with the family?

My all-time favorite has to be Thanksgiving, though. Traveling is hard for some people, but families never miss spending Thanksgiving together. Being surrounded by family and friends is the best feeling ever.

Turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce and pecan pie can make anyone wish Thanksgiving came around twice a year. The morning after, you might not feel so well from stuffing your face, but that’s why fall is so awesome; throw a sweater on, and nobody can see your food baby.

Football season comes with fall. Everybody loves football and the adrenaline rush you get when your team makes a dramatic touchdown. My team is and always will be the Cowboys even if they do nothing but disappoint fans every season. That doesn’t stop me from loving them.

So folks, roll up that swimming pool in your back yard and pull out your favorite sweater, because fall is 11 days away.

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