EDITORIAL: ‘You can do it’

Around this time of each semester, students begin to feel burnt out, stressed out and ready to give up.

This is a normal response to the pressures put on them by themselves, their parents or mates and their professors. However, giving up and giving in to the impulse to quit is not a healthy response.

Persistence and perseverance are necessary tools for students to grab hold of and use during these times of stress. Take time to pause and put things in perspective. Give yourself the freedom to get a B instead of an A. Stop and relax at least one night or day of the week and most importantly, don’t wait until the last minute to do your homework.

One of the biggest stressors for students comes from procrastinating. One of the most common reasons students don’t do well in school is that they wait until the last possible moment to do their work and then do a half-ass job. Professors can tell when students actually put some effort into their work and while you may get away with giving very little of yourself to your work in community college, it is not as well tolerated by professors at four-year institutions. Apply yourself. This is your future, your goals and your life; make it count for something.

This Thanksgiving break take time to relax and enjoy family and friends but set aside some time to complete the things that you know have to be finished to pass your classes. Investing that extra energy into your college career can make the difference between a passing and failing grade or an A and a B. It is worth making that effort to improve your scores.

So, rest up and come back refreshed and ready to finish the course. You are a runner, in it for the long-run. Don’t give up this close to the finish line. You can make it. Upon returning from the break you will only have two more weeks of school for this semester. Get ready to finish strong. Push through the pain ‘til you get to the end.

You can do it.

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