Sports Corner: ‘Students are spiking their way to the nets’

By Quintin Marquez

Ranger Reporter


The intramural volleyball season has begun and students are spiking their way to the nets. The league is split into two levels: recreational and the power court. Just like football, everyone that signs up gets to play.

Some of teams included are the Ball Busters (R), Blue Ballers (R), AC Nappers, AC Sackers, Tebow Time and the Itsy Bitsy Spikers (R) as well as many others. Players from the Nappers described how the latest wins have been the product of hard work and determination. AC Suckers and Tebow Time had an intense first to 21-point match and each team gave no mercy.

The teams had their own groups of fans and that consist of parents, friends and fellow students that wanted to catch the action.

“This league is great for the students,” said a devoted fan. JR Norman is overseeing the games and as with all intramural sports, he invites students to come out and support classmates and try to get involved in the fun for the next sport.

Volleyball games are on Thursday at 5:30. For more information students may call Norman at 806-371-5382.

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