Students recognized at Honors Convocation

Amarillo College’s annual Honors Convocation was held in the Amarillo Civic Center Auditorium Sunday, April 21.

Allen Durrett, an AC alumnus and partner of Durrett Cattle Company, was named this year’s recipient of the Amarillo College Distinguished Alumni Award. Durrett spoke briefly before the awards were presented to the students, imparting words of wisdom and disclosing several amusing anecdotes about his life at AC and beyond. He said he was told he should say something inspiring, but wasn’t sure he would be able to inspire the students being honored.

“When I look out at you guys and I realize how much work and dedication has gone into you getting here and how many of you are holding down jobs, have kids and have managed to graduate from Amarillo College with honors, it amazes me and inspires ME.”

Students were honored for exceptional GPAs, membership in honor societies, outstanding work in their major field of study and scholarships.

For a full list of students and their awards, please click on the images below.

*denotes multiple award recipients




Phi Theta Kappa
Phi Theta Kappa






Outstanding Major Awards
Outstanding Major Awards

Outstanding Major Awards
Outstanding Major Awards

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