EDITORIAL: Break out the bikinis, boards and books this summer

Illustration by KAYLIE FOSTER | The Ranger

Babes in bikinis with oil-smeared skin, sun, sand, sexy surfer boys and a hyper-sexualized party atmosphere pop into the minds of many college students when the word summer comes up.

A time of rest and recuperation often is necessary after months of intense concentration, hard work and study. However, beware of becoming too relaxed and forgetting to come back to the reality of life. It is possible to have a wonderful time while staying sober, being wise and acting responsibly.

Make an effort to do something amazing and different this summer break.

Complete some classes needed to fulfill degree requirements or take some extracurricular classes just for fun. Art and music always are interesting and entertaining.

Fencing, Zumba and martial arts all are exciting ways to get good exercise, and they are great developers of hand-eye coordination.

Because Amarillo College has two summer sessions, it gives twice the opportunity to finish up classes needed to graduate in the summer or fall.

Illustration by KAYLIE FOSTER | The Ranger
Illustration by KAYLIE FOSTER | The Ranger

Travel is another way of educating oneself about the world we live in. It doesn’t matter whether you travel within the United States or internationally. Learning about the culture, food, art, language, economy, local way of life and government awakens in each individual a wider frame of reference with which to operate in life.

An exotic location isn’t exotic to the local people. Ask questions about the best places to eat, the safest parts of town, the best clubs, the most interesting sites and museums and the most trustworthy places to do business.

Local farmers’ markets and bazaars are stimulating and give a real taste of what the culture of a location really is. Remember to get out of the cities and check out the countryside as well. Sometimes the most memorable moments are the unplanned ones.

There are an abundance of volunteer opportunities one could participate in year-round, but summer is a good time to sample various opportunities and find a good fit for one’s lifestyle. Having a large number of service hours logged in your field of study also looks good on transcripts and resumes. Many clubs on the various AC campuses do community service activities and know of various organizations that need help. You also can find this information online.

Whether you will be graduating this May or returning for another semester, be safe this summer. The potential impact your contribution to society could make is limited by your choices, your ideas and whether you live to seize another day.

Carpe Diem, Badgers.

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