Long commute times affect AC students

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February 15, 2012

By David Lewis | Ranger Reporter

Making the daily trip to and from school is a common routine for all college students. For some, however, the trip is more than just the normal 10- or 15-minute drive that it takes to get to campus.

Misty Pehl, Isela Huerta and Linda Aguero all are nursing majors at Amarillo College. Huerta and Aguero travel to AC’s West Campus three days a week from Dimmitt, and Pehl travels from western Deaf Smith County.

“That’s three hours daily that are lost on the road,” Huerta said. “Time that can be used to study.”

The students talked about the many problems they face making the trips to and from the campus each week. The issues ranged from the high cost of gas prices to the loss of time for study and to be with family. They said weather conditions often cause problems.

“The hardest part is all the time lost on the road that could be spent with the family,” Aguero said.

Although there are many aspects to the situation, the nursing students have found many ways to take advantage of the resources they have. Every week, the students carpool to save money on gas.

Pehl said the company of other people is a way to help each other stay awake as the trip sometimes can grow tiring. Huerta said she uses the time to study when it is not her turn to drive.

Pehl, Huerta and Aguero agree that the long commute can be discouraging at times but that the sacrifice eventually will be worthwhile. All three are about two semesters from their degree.

“It’s worth it,” Pehl said. “That’s how driven I am.”

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