Gallery 204 shows off student work

Photo by Travis Lindow | featured artist at Gallery 204

February 15, 2012

By Brooke Self | Ranger Reporter


A new exhibit featuring the work of Amarillo College Photo Club members is on display in Parcells Hall.

The venue opened last semester, and several students will be featured throughout this semester. According to faculty members who have offices in the suite, the photos add more excitement to the building.

Lynae’ Jacob, department chairwoman of communication and theater, said the exhibit was her idea.

“The walls were so bare, and it was so dull when we first moved into this office,” Jacob said. “I said that we needed something in here, so I talked to Rene about it, and we started it last semester.”

The gallery is in the office suite in 204 Parcells Hall. Three student photographers will be featured this semester.

The work of photography major Travis Lindow is on display now.

Lindow said he became interested in photography when he was about 12 years old.

“I started seeing people shooting videos of stunts and tricks,” Lindow said. “I started getting more into it, and I got a camera. Back then, it was more about what tricks were being done that day.”

Lindow’s photography will be on display through March 2.

The photos are a series involving architecture and mixed light. Pictured are some local buildings such as the Chase tower in downtown Amarillo and facilities such as the skate park at John S. Stiff Park.

“I always find myself out at night,” Lindow said. “I really enjoy the study of mixed light.”

Lindow said his goal is to become an exhibitionist, starting a business with his friend and possibly following in his mother’s footsteps as a teacher.

Anthony Nations will be the next photographer to be featured in the gallery.

Nations is president of AC’s Photo Club. He moved to Amarillo from Alabama and said he loves it here.

“When I first moved from Alabama, I was disappointed because everything here was dead and brown, and I wasn’t sure what I was going to photograph,” Nations said. “Then I realized that Amarillo has some of the most dramatic skies you have ever seen. The sunsets are amazing. The clouds roll in from miles and miles, and sometimes the sky will just be a clear, amazing shade of blue – perfect for photographing.”

After spending time in the U.S. Army and U.S. Air Force, Nations worked until he retired and decided to chase his dream of being a photographer, something he had been interested in since high school. Nations’ photos for Gallery 204 will be landscapes.

“I will be doing landscapes from the Panhandle area,” he said. “I mostly like doing landscapes because it allows me to connect with the outdoors. I will walk and take hikes when I can, always with my camera in hand.”

The final featured photographer for the gallery this semester has not been decided.

“We’re not sure who will do the last series, but we have a trip to Angel Fire, N.M., coming up around spring break, so we may just get as many photos as we can on the trip and it could be a mix of a few different photographers,” Lindow said.

Jacob said she loves having student art displayed in the area where her office is located.

“We have such talented students here, and I think this is a great way for them to be able to showcase some of their talents,” she said.

Karen Logan, an administrative clerk, said she enjoys the fact that the art is rotated throughout the semester so there is something new and interesting every so often.

“When they put the photos in here, it really gave us a nice change of atmosphere,” Logan said. “They are also a great conversation starter.”

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