Carter fitness center: get fit on campus

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February 15, 2012

By Madilyn Newsome | Ranger Reporter

Are Amarillo College students as fit as they should be?

“West Texas is not as fit as the rest of the nation,” said Craig Clifton, department chairman of fitness and life services. “It’s because of our culture here so, no, AC is not as fit as I think it should be. There is room for improvement.”

AC offers a variety of fitness opportunities such as insanity cardio, insanity strength, body flow, body attack and yoga, but of more than 11,000 students, only 868 are enrolled in fitness courses.

AC officials are trying to offer classes that are new and that will keep students interested in fitness classes. For example, a new program offers a fast-track, four-days-a-week, eight-week program. Clifton said he thinks the program will be successful because the trend has been that when students really want to stay in the gym, they will come not only on their two-day-a-week class but will come four days a week. He said they seem to be more committed to their workouts and are seeing more results that way.

Leigh Dominguez, a nursing major, is enrolled in AC’s Body Combat Insanity Cardio class this semester.

“I like how challenging it is, and it’s a really fun time,” she said.

Membership fees are set up differently from most other colleges and universities. There is a $30 membership fee at AC, while the fee usually is included in the price of school tuition at other institutions.

Clifton said he would like to see all students charged a minimal fee so that prices do not have to go up for the students who are paying membership fees.

“If we had a fee that we charged every student, we would not have to have our gym occupied by other things, and, like other colleges, this would be an athletic center 100 percent for our students,” he said.

As it stands, students have to rent out courts for club events and other non-AC student events.

Dominique Boehm, a general studies major, is enrolled in Body Combat this semester.

“I would recommend it,” Boehm said. “They’re a great option, and they are all super fun classes.”

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