Third movie does not disappoint

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By Nikki Larkan

Paranormal Activity 3 hit theaters Oct. 21 with a midnight premiere.

Although I did not go to the first showing, I was eager to see this movie.

It follows the same format of the previous films and documents the lives of two sisters, Katie and Kristi, in fall 1988. It showcases the typical eerie occurrences that surround their ill-fated lives.

I expected to see lower-quality video since it is the portrayal of footage taken in the ’80s, but luckily, the movie features a crystal-clear image.

This prequel is done in the same “mockumentary” style as its previous installments. It fills in a few of the holes in the plot from the other films but still leaves you wanting and needing more.

While watching this film, scan over the entire screen to see the slight glimpse of “evil” that always is around and watching.

This film offers suspense and a few mo­ments where you jump out of your seat.

It is not as intense as the first installments but still offers a violent kill by the same evil force.

If you are a follower of the franchise, this is a definite must-see. If you never have seen any of the films, watch this one first. It sets up the back story for the previous two films.

If you can make it through this film and enjoy the format, you should check out the rest of the story.


Published: Wednesday, November 03, 2011

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