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From managing school work to juggling a job or dealing with finances, college students often find themselves in situations and struggling. While the potential causes of these struggles are endless, common effects include exhaustion, increased stress and poor time management.

“It’s important for us to recognize when we are becoming overly stressed or burnt out, so that we can get things back in order,” Jerrod Hinders, counseling center coordinator, said. “This might include reprioritizing, being intentional with your schedule, learning to delegate, finding new ways to meet goals, limiting distractions, improving self-care, accessing new resources, communicating or reaching out for help.” 

According to Business Administration major, Ximena Lucas, juggling an overnight job and classes proves no easy feat.  “What helps me prioritize my schedule is that I’m a very responsible person, and I pay out of pocket for my schooling,” she said.

AC offers many programs that work to better students’ situations no matter the difficulties they may occur.  The TimelyCare app, in particular, provides assistance in seeking medical and mental health regardless of one’s location. 

Shanice Vega, academic success center supervisor at the Hereford branch, said, encourages students to reach out for guidance and see what the school can do for the student’s success, both in an academic and personal way. “There are many resources that AC offers in order to help students be more successful,” she said. “Students also have access to counseling so they can find ways to manage stress and other things that are hindering their success,. 

In addition, the Academic Success Center offers various specialized resources within different majors to enhance AC students learning through academic support and learning strategies.

Although often viewed as a tutoring center, they are prepared to assist in any way that students feel can best learn and succeed if faced with various obstacles. “If they struggle with time management, we can help them write out a schedule that works for them,“ Vega said. 

Another dependable resource that AC has brought about in order to lend a helping hand to the school community is the Advocacy and Resource Center. This service, created to overcome any life barriers, offers four programs: social services, the adult students program, the food pantry and the Storybridge Library location. Its offices are located on the Washington Street Campus inside Ware Student Commons building.

Lastly, AC counselors are available to aid students with any areas they may struggle with, especially with learning strategies, stress management skills, developing better scheduling and study habits and utilizing coping skills. 

They are available in person and through phone from Monday to Friday between the hours of 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.  Additional information can be found on the AC website. 

“Taking time to invest in one’s self can pay off exponentially in the long run,” 

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