Colorful Christmas wins beige decor debate



With the holiday break creeping up on us, there’s nothing better than looking outside and seeing people decorating their homes; from brightly colored-lights to inflatable snowmen, there’s nothing that ceases to make me smile more. 

Unfortunately, other families cannot say the same. On TikTok, I have seen the debate between colorful Christmas and beige Christmas. 

Both have valid points on each side, but I am team colorful all the way. 

Team beige from what I’ve seen often argues that it is more aesthetically pleasing with its strict rules and coordination. The use of neutral tones such as the dreaded beige, soft whites, tans and the occasional dark green and dull red is seen as more traditional in a sense. 

My counter-argument is that if you pair colors with each other well, then a colorful Christmas can be just as nice. Using certain blues, pinks and greens, when paired well can be both expressive and pleasing rather than dull and void of the child-like joy associated with the holiday season.

Winter celebrations are a time when expression and joy should be seen in contrast to the often stark white clouds and bitterly cold winds, so a beige Christmas in my head simply doesn’t make sense. 

It leaves me feeling empty and disappointed because it looks so plain and low effort. The hues used are usually easy to coordinate but it doesn’t bring the joy bright colors bring.

The bold hues seen in my neighborhood are a lovely contrast to the frozen roofs and bitter cold puffs of air seen with each breath. 

The decorations leave me with warmth and joy inside rather than disappointment of the same dull hues of beige Christmas. 

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