“Stocking Stuffer Giveaway” returns to AC


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Amarillo College’s FM90 is hosting its second annual “Stocking Stuffer Giveaway,” providing an opportunity for participants to contribute to their community while winning prizes. The drawing is on Friday, Dec. 8, and those interested can enter by being the ninth caller when the DJ announces the giveaway.  

Alternatively, entries can be earned by donating three hygiene items at 2408 S. Jackson, with all proceeds benefiting AC’s Advocacy and Resource Center, or ARC.

The ARC offers support and resources for students facing difficulties that may inhibit their performance as a student.  

Mass Media major and “Thursday Night Social Club” host, Lance Hooper, said he’s excited about the upcoming drawing because it benefits such a good cause. “You should never be hungry when you go to school; you should never need gas money to get to school. I think it’s a great way to give back to that incredible part of Amarillo College’s tools they give students to succeed.” 

FM90 Program Director, Amy Presley, said the giveaway was such a huge success last year that they decided to do it again this year. “We love being able to help out another organization on campus. The ARC does so much for our students. I think they are a huge reason why our students stay enrolled. They help with personal needs that you might not be able to get due to financial reasons or issues at home. They will go that extra length to help students with their goals.”

Presley will be drawing for a winner alongside Mass Media instructor, Brian Frank, during an all-vinyl “When It Began” on FM90 and accepting donations until 7 p.m. 

“‘When It Began’ has been around for a while, but we have always referred to it as ‘the building blocks’ of alternative rock,” Frank said. “It was alternative music before we called it alternative music.” 

Presley said that the ‘Winter Wonderland’ event  will be happening at the same time as the giveaway. “Come by, see the radio station, grab a hot chocolate and bring your hygiene products to enter,” she said.  

“We know some of our students have food insecurities, they have barriers that we want to remove and help them with, so they can focus on what is important, and the ARC does such a good job with that,” Frank said. 

“It is important that, college-wide and community-wide, we are supporting that, and I think that is what you’re going to see; not just college students, but people from the community, who are going to bring items to donate and provide one less thing for our students to worry about,” Frank said.

Students will be accepting the items and entering participants into the drawing, as well as helping with the all-vinyl marathon of alternative rock with a few Christmas songs sprinkled throughout. 

Presley said people can have multiple entries in the drawing and encouraged those interested to bring more than three hygiene items if possible. 

“We really just want to do the most we can for the ARC and give out cool prizes to our listeners,”  she said.

Presley said this year’s prizes include autographed records, exclusive Blue October winter merchandise and FM90 memorabilia. 

The specialty show is not the only times people can enter the drawing, as opportunities for listeners will be happening all week on FM90. 

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