Mandatory class prepares students for real world

By Ethan Hall

Student Reporter

Learning Frameworks is a mandatory class at Amarillo College that helps students learn and apply study strategies and skills for students’ future academic and real-world use. 

In the course, students work off of an e-portfolio throughout the semester. “This allows them to reflect and see their growth in thinking about what it is they want in a career, the education and steps to achieve it and what they want from their life outside of work and school,” Dr. Lorri Petty, dean of academic outreach and support service, said. 

Petty said that the information learned in this class will prepare students for the future. “I believe that the skills you learn in Learning Frameworks can help possibly alleviate some stress that may be caused in the future,” Cheyenne Tiffin, an English major, said. “If you learn how to solve the problem now, then you’ll be better off later.” 

In addition, the class delves into the various directions and support channels that are available to further their learning paths.  “Learning frameworks helped me learn more about myself personally and helped me figure out what direction I would like to pursue in my major, since it’s a broad field,” Isabella Gomez, a mass media major, said.

The class focuses on assisting students find a faster way of graduating in the most cheapest way possible. “We all want students to get out of college with a degree they will use in the least amount of time possible, and with little or no debt – this class helps to ensure that can happen,” Petty said. 

The class has since evolved through colleges over time and, at one point, was not  available to students.“I started over three different times before I got my bachelor’s degree, if I would have had a class like this to reflect and figure it out, I could have saved myself a lot of time and money,” Petty said.

Tiffin appreciates how the class establishes a clear outline for students to create and reflect on their goals, and figure out how to succeed in their future endeavors. With a variety of influences and options, Tiffin believes the class to be a way to effective map them out. “I am and always have been more of a ‘go with the flow’ kind of person and I was going to wait and find out if I wanted to continue school or not,” she said. “After taking that class, I did realize that’s maybe not the best way to go about things, so I have started to actually have goals set in the future that I feel that I can personally achieve.” 

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