Badger Banter Session returns

Badger BS co-hosts Ethan Lanham and Alex Rhodes express their creative freedom in the Panhandle PBS studio.


Student Speak Reporter

Badger Banter Session, or Badger BS, is back for a second season with co-hosts, Ethan Lanham and Alex Rhodes. 

Badger BS is a bi-weekly, web-based series produced by Amarillo College Student Media and shot on-location in the Panhandle PBS studio. 

Student Media Adviser and Mass Media Instructor, Maddisun Fowler, said Badger BS holds a special place in her heart. “I’ve been overseeing Badger BS since 2016. I counted it up the other day, and there have been a total of 10 hosts since I’ve been here. We did take a bit of a hiatus during the pandemic,” she said. “It’s really fun to see what each host or co-host of Badger BS brings to the creative process. The organic interaction between the host and their guest is what makes the show so entertaining,” Fowler said.

Over the years, the show has evolved from host to host. First airing in 2014, Badger BS has looked different every year since. The first host, Quintin Marquez, kept questions from the AC student body in a box and answered them with guests on the show. 

Other hosts followed in Marquez’s footsteps and kept the same format, while others have changed it up. When Brianna Maestas and Jordan Gipson hosted Badger BS, they did each other’s makeup blindfolded and also had an extreme taste test of strange and unusual food combinations students suggested. 

Lanham said he likes the business-side of producing the show, setting up guests and then delivering as co-host. “I like playing games on air and doing goofy weird activities with guests, that’s what I wanted to bring differently to the show,” he said.

Rhodes said he enjoys the more technical side of Badger BS, although he does have fun shooting the episodes. “I feel at home in front of the computer editing the show, besides filming the show which is so much fun, editing the final product is my happy place,” he said. 

Lanham and Rhodes have produced three episodes so far during the fall 2023 semester. New episodes of Badger BS are uploaded every other Thursday to 

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