‘Campfire Cooking,’ deliciously fun

By Jordan Nuner 


With someone vacation around the corner, you can finally binge-watch all of the good shows you may have missed and one such show is “Campfire Cooking in Another World with my Absurd Skill.” Like any other isekai (in another world) anime, the main character is transported to another world to be the hero of the kingdom that summoned him. At least, that is what the other people who were summoned got to do.

On the other hand, our main protagonist got an absurd skill that allows him to use an Online shopping platform to buy a variety of items from his original world, modern-day Japan. This skill is not really useful for a hero, so he’s allowed to go his own way while the other summoned people go to save the world or something like that.

Along the way, our protagonist named Mukoda shows us what it is like to cook in another world with otherworldly items, while basically camping which is where the Campfire in the title comes from. With his absurd skill, he is able to purchase a variety of seasonings and cooking utensils and store them in an infinite pocket dimension where food does not spoil. This allows him to cook delicious food that would otherwise be impossible to cook in this other world.

This attracts the attention of an all-powerful wolf called, Fenrir, who becomes the familiar of Mukoda in exchange for his delicious cooking. The wolf is named Fel by Mukoda and acts as the main source of protection so Mukoda can travel safely around this new world while avoiding being outed as someone summoned from another world so he can live peacefully.

This show is all about the mouthwatering food and the adventures that Mukoda and his familiars go on. The interactions between the characters are heartwarming and funny as Mukoda wants to avoid conflicts, monsters and fame with low success. Fel is also so powerful that he brings back rare creatures to use as ingredients in Mukoda’s cooking that cause Mukoda grief as he does not want to stand out.

If you love food and adventures, then I highly recommend this show. It has great animation especially when it comes to the cooking and the music really sets the tone for this calm and mostly peaceful adventure food series. It’s a fun and adventurous experience with great food porn and interesting characters that you can’t help but love.

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