Rob Lowe teams up with his son in ‘Unstable’

By Genevieve Presley


Two months after the release of “Dog Gone,” Rob Lowe is back alongside his son John Owen in “Unstable,” an eight-part comedy series. Jackson Dragon, introverted and talented, must save his eccentric biotech entrepreneur father Ellis and his company from disaster.

From the beginning I was immediately drawn into the characters, especially Ellis, Jackson, Anna and Malcolm. They are my favorite characters because they all have qualities that set them apart from the rest. Ellis, eccentric as he may be, is very inventive, high-spirited and diligent. My first impression of Ellis was that he isn’t afraid to take risks. Jackson is gifted, unique and inquisitive, which causes me to think that he’s more like Ellis than he wants to admit. Anna is dedicated, supportive and visionary. She has big dreams for the company along with Malcolm, who’s determined, intelligent and friendly. All this and more make them my favorite characters.

My favorite episodes were the pilot, episode four and the finale. The pilot was a great start to the series, I feel like it introduced everything perfectly, from the characters to the storyline and everything in between that makes it such an amazing show. My favorite quote in the pilot is: 

“I can’t just problem solve anymore. I need to feel excited, inspired– I need to just feel” (Ellis to Jackson). The fact that Ellis is being open and honest with Jackson about how he was feeling shows how loving a father he is. Ellis knows what he wants and needs, which is a very good quality to have. Episode four contained a lot of heartfelt emotion between Ellis and Jackson that captivated me deeply. My favorite quote is:  “The only way to let someone down is by giving up” (Jackson to Ellis.)

This quote is highly inspirational and makes me to appreciate Jackson’s character even more.

The finale really kept me guessing, and in my mind I believe that there will be a second season. My favorite quote is:  “I was hesitant to move out here because it’s difficult to live in my dad’s shadow, but I know now that shadow is cast by a man that is generous, kind, and has a fiery passion to do the right thing,” (Jackson about Ellis). 

I think that this is the most important quote in the entire show, and if I had to choose one favorite quote it would be this one. I love the fact that Jackson is defending his dad. This not only makes me appreciate the characters of Ellis and Jackson more, but it also makes me love and appreciate the show even more. Overall, this was a truly amazing and funny show. I would recommend it to anyone looking for a new show to watch.

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