Master plan brings more parking

By Kaitlin Sparling 

Student Reporter

Another project from the 2019 Masterplan has wrapped up. Parking lot 10 is now open. The lot is located behind the Byrd/Parcells building, adding 60 new spaces. The entrance from 24th street is no longer one way, making driving in and out easier. Students and staff are free to park in the new lot and there are more renovations for the campus in store as well. 

 “From what I heard, people love it because their offices are near there and when it was closed, they were having to walk quite a way to get to offices and class,” Kyle Keffer, Badger Central Bookstore and Cafe manager, said. 

Vice President of Business Affairs, Chris Sharp, said the city of Amarillo let AC expand parking into Memorial Park.

“The city agreed to let AC expand the parking lot into Memorial Park in exchange for shared parking to be allowed. At any time during the day or evening park goers can use the new parking lot. The additional spaces will also help to accommodate the needs of the newly remodeled First Bank Southwest Center (FBSWC).  This Fall we will have a lot more visitors coming to campus to watch our volleyball team compete,” Sharp said.

The expansion for the parking lot into the part of the park property was $625,000 and the actual renovation of the lot was $170,310. Future renovations for the plan include new Student Life facilities, Ware Commons third and fourth floors and parking lot nine. Student Life facilities are estimated to cost $5.9 million and the Ware Student Commons is estimated at $4.5 million. Parking lot nine, east of the Byrd/Parcells building is going to be re-done during the summer and should take two and a half months. The program manager, Danny Smith, said. “It can take around six to seven months to create the design plans and around a year to construct.” 

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