Tattoos shouldn’t be taboo

By Genevieve Presley


For many years, I have been told that tattoos are bad- sinful even. Not only are these controversies are popular, but they are also highly unfair.

 My dad is a tattoo artist and he’s been doing it ever since the year that I was born. Some of the things that I know about art I learned from my dad, and tattoos are nothing more than a work of art. 

Tattoos are not bad, rather they are just another form of creative expression. Each tattoo has a meaning or story behind them. 

If all tattoos tell a powerful story, then I don’t understand why so many people think that they’re so bad. If people heard that something was wrong to do, there would be a portion that would go against the rules of society and do that particular thing and another portion would completely refuse to do it, agreeing with what everybody else says, thinks and feels. I can’t speak for everybody else or tell them what to believe, but I refuse to believe for even a second that tattoos are bad. 

Honestly, it’s not our place to judge others anyways so we shouldn’t be telling people that what they do for their job is bad and they shouldn’t be doing it. I know personally that I wouldn’t want anybody to say that to me. 

Another reason why tattoos aren’t bad is because there are some religious tattoos (crosses, Bible verses, etc). Out of all the different tattoos in the world, besides animals, these are my favorite and one I would even strongly consider getting someday. 

All things considered, tattoos aren’t wrong, sinful or even violent. However, they are personal, captivating and powerful pieces of art.

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