Relationships can prevail despite opposite politics


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Politics is a touchy, sometimes friendship-ending, subject for many people. “I’ve lost a few friends over the years because of arguments about politics,” said Alejandra Garcia, a graphic design major. 

Some students say that if you’re willing to have open, honest conversations, you can be friends with people that have opposite views. 

“My friend and I are basically the same person, but when it comes to political beliefs we’re the complete opposite,” Garcia said. “I’m a lot more left and she’s a lot more right, I’m not very religious and she’s extremely religious. But I think it’s just more of our upbringings. She’s super sweet, kind and caring and just because we have different political beliefs doesn’t mean we can’t be friends.” 

If approached properly, discussing political differences in a constructive way may result in stronger friendships. 

According to Aaron Faver, a social sciences instructor, it’s also important to keep in mind that people are always changing and it’s important to keep in mind that your friend may have new and different ideas than you, but they are still your friend.

“I have very close friends that I can have extremely open and honest communication with on very sensitive topics,” said Faver. “But they’re only really sensitive to the general public, you know, to us they’re not really sensitive topics. They’re just topics between friends, it’s like things you would talk about when you’re younger, and it was no problem at all and that’s still the same.”

Relationships with family members who have different beliefs can work out too, if both parties come with the right mindset according to Faver. 

“My experience with friends that have different political views from me isn’t bad at all, honestly,” said Timothy Spencer, a psychology major. “I consider myself to be more moderate, and I kind of see things both ways. My brother in law, for example, whom I consider a friend, is more republican, more on the extreme right. Every time we talk about politics, guns per se, or how things were handled, we don’t really argue but just put forth our differences in opinions.”

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