Frozen flurries in the forecast

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Winter is not the greatest time of the year for going out, whether it’s running errands, or just going to the store to get some snacks. More importantly, winter weather can make travel to Amarillo College difficult. When snow starts falling, students need to know if–or when–classes will be canceled and whether they should stay home.

The Panhandle weather is hard to predict. It could be the prettiest day and then out of nowhere a snowstorm could show up. Amarillo College has many systems in place to give students, professors, and staff a heads up about bad weather. The AC Alert system, social media and most local television news outlets will let students know if classes are called off due to bad weather. Weather closings are also posted on the AC website. College officials generally follow the Amarillo Independent School District’s lead in canceling classes, but they also advise students not to drive if they feel conditions are dangerous and to check with their professors before coming to campus on snowy days.

“The weather in West Texas is crazy,” said Stephanie Espinoza, an education major. Espinoza said that she’s glad AC has the alert system because it helps her decide whether she should travel to campus or not. 

If the weather is bad enough to where no one would be able to travel it would cause the campus to cancel all classes, the alert system would contact staff and students to let them know. 

If road conditions aren’t good, some professors cancel their classes but still expect their students to turn in their work online through blackboard. 

The students at AC have their own opinions about the weather. “If the weather is really bad to where I can’t see the road, I won’t go,” said I’lynne Marquez, a nursing major. 

Marquez said it’s hard to miss classes because of the weather, and grades are important, so it’s better to double check with your professor about classes being canceled and to make sure you get your work turned in online.

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