Artists bring dead back to life

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Nadia Colchado’s “The Black Scorpion” is inspired by her great grandpa saving her from the sting of a black scorpion.

Dia de los muertos art show on display

By Ethan Lanham 

Student Reporter 

Amarillo College’s annual Day of The Dead art show kicked off with a small party Oct. 26 in the Common Lobby Art Gallery. All the artists who participated could personally show off their work.

The art show has been held each fall for the past 20 years, and is put on solely by the AC art department. Each student must write a two to three paragraph story behind their art, said Steven Cost, art professor and gallery coordinator. The submissions come from people participating in AC art classes. “Someday maybe we can open it up to the public of Amarillo, but that hasn’t happened yet,” Cost said. 

Nadia Colchado is one of the artists whose work is displayed in the show. Her piece is titled “Black Scorpion.” Colchado, a graphic design major, said when she heard about the art show, she immediately thought of her great grandfather. “When I was little, he saved me from a scorpion sting. I remember that till this day,” she said. “I basically just used ink and some charcoal. On some of the smaller details. I did use some of the white tip.”

Another artist whose work is at the art show is Damien Holgom, a fine art major. He said his artwork is a tribute to his brother. “It’s just a letter to my brother who passed away before I was born,” said Holgom. 

“I used pen because we’re not allowed to mess with that much with color. So, kind of your only options are stuff like black paint and ink. It worked out for me because I like to do pen work anyway.” 

The Common Lobby Gallery is located between the Amarillo Museum of Art and the Concert Hall Theatre on the Washington Street campus. The art will be on display until Nov. 8.

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