AC’s new badger check-in checks out

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The Badger Check-In program offers new a way to connect with Student Services.

By Beau Okechukwu
Student Reporter

Amarillo College students are learning a new procedure, designed to make all of AC’s student services more efficient, called the Badger Check-In procedure.

The Badger Check-In procedure began in July of this year. It allows a student to schedule an appointment with their adviser from anywhere. “It just makes it easier for students to receive the services they need,” Ernesto Olmos, senior director of advising, said. “Before, students wanting to visit with their adviser had to call the center to be placed into a call back queue. Now, students can do that on their own through Badger Check-In,” he said.

Olmos said AC’s check-in process also has made it possible for students to access essential information for themselves that they may have forgotten. This information can be accessed in “Step 2” of the Enrollment Checklist.

With the check-in system, students can see or keep track of their spot in line once they arrive and fill out a digital form that requires some information. The new system is only about three months old, but it is believed to be an improvement already.

“I believe it is more organized,” Pamela Valdez, an academic adviser, said. Initially, Valdez said she was split on the new check-in system. She knew it would positively affect the students, but it took some time for her and her fellow advisers to get used to it. Valdez has adjusted. “I enjoy the organization of appointments and it is more informative to help us prep for the advising session.”

Students say they can see the benefit and convenience of the Badger Check-In procedure as well. “Everything flows smoothly when I need to meet with my adviser or anything else I may have to do when I’m at the Student Service Center,” Jonathan Albarran, a business administration major, said. “I’m sure it was a lot more of a hassle to get things done that involved student services before the check-in system was installed,” Albarran said.

Most college students have a packed schedule between school, organizations and jobs and Albarran said he realizes the help that Badger Check-In has provided. “We all get into time crunches as college students, we are naturally busy people and Badger Check-In has made it efficient to access the college’s student services,” he said.

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