Crime does pay


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For anyone who is interested in helping out in the community, such as protecting the people, helping felons reenter into society or keeping felons behind bars, a career in criminal justice is a good fit. 

David M. Green, from the criminal justice department in Moore County, said, “The jobs you can do with a criminal justice degree are peace officer, probation officer, parole officer, correctional officer in a prison or jail. You can also use it as the required undergrad degree for admission to law school.  This degree will give students an overview of the criminal justice system, learning about criminal law, criminal procedure, history of crime and its impact on society, crime prevention, law enforcement agencies and how they work to do their jobs and much more,” Green said.

Norma Quiles, a liaison officer at Bowie Middle School, said she enjoys working in the criminal justice field. “A peace officer is like a police officer. They carry a badge, hold the power to arrest and carry a firearm,” she said.

According to the Amarillo College criminal justice webpage, it takes two years of college to obtain an associate degree and these classes are offered online or in person to fit the schedule of the students. “The study of criminal justice gives students a working knowledge of how the courts, corrections institutions and law enforcement agencies function,” the website states. 

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