Flu season leads to need for vaccinations

Photo Illustration by Andrew Terry | The Ranger Heal the City will be on the Washington Street Campus Sept. 20 from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. and Sept. 27 from 10:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. administering Moderna COVID-19 vaccines. Recipients will receive a $25 Walmart gift card.


Student Reporter 

The fall season is fast-approaching and the change in weather usually lead to students getting sick with colds and the flu. Even though quarantine may be lifted COVID is still here with recent reporting still shows people getting hospitalized. 

“I think vaccinations are important, not just to keep yourself safe, but to keep others from getting sick as well,” Roman Juarez, a general studies major, said.

Getting vaccinated for the flu or COVID helps protect people from getting sick and with staying healthy and developing major complications as reported by the CDC.

Even though there are some benefits to getting vaccinated there are people that believe that isn’t the case. “Every year when I get the flu shot, I always get sick. I don’t believe it’s worth getting the vaccine,” Cassandra Trevino, a general studies major, said.

Marriane Jones, A.D.N. instructor shows how important it is to get vaccinated. “Students are at higher risk of getting sick since they are in close proximity with more people. Vaccines also lower their chance of spreading the disease,” Jones said. “Students have a busy life and too much responsibility to risk getting sick. Vaccines can help you stay healthy and keep you from missing class or work.  If you can avoid getting sick, you will have more time to do the things in life that make you happy,” she said.

In the nursing field, it is also important to get vaccinated. Since local hospitals and clinics require their employees to be vaxxed with at least the flu shot. Not just in the workforce but also nursing students are required, Jones said.

“Nursing students are getting flu and COVID Vaccinations,” Jones said. “In fact, they are required to get the Flu and Covid vaccinations to be able to attend clinical at health care facilities. The local hospitals require that all employees, students, and instructors have the Flu and COVID vaccinations or complete an exemption form. Currently, the hospitals are not requiring a Covid Booster.”

Amarillo College will be giving COVID shots on campus, Sept. 20 for the Washington Street Campus and Sept. 27. It will be free for all students. The service is provided by Heal the City clinic.

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