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Amarillo College and West Texas A&M University are partnering together to help education majors through school and into their first teaching job faster. AC Education Adviser Margarita Rocha, Education Instructor Rochelle Fouts and Assistant Dean of Graduate Programs and Professional Certifications, Elizabeth Garcia from WT said they are happy to announce that Amarillo College and WT are partnering with One2Teach to promote dual credit classes.

One2Teach is a program that will help students minimize time and money. “The push is to start as early as you can in your freshmen high school year, so you can start accumulating dual credits,” Foutus said. “This program will help students because it reduces the time from high school graduation to career by 25% and it greatly reduces cost,” Garcia said. “Students can get their first year of college for a total of $1,500.”

According to Fouts, four districts from the surrounding area – Amarillo, Canyon, Dumas and Herford ISD are currently working on this partnership.

Students are required to complete 30 credit hours of high school, attend AC for one year and then transfer to WT to complete their teacher education program for two years. “This will reduce the time for Bachelor’s degree and certification by one year,” Garcia said.

Rocha said the program will help students and schools who need to hire trained teachers.

“This partnership will help educational major students be great candidates and are more likely to go back and serve in their home district and grow their educators. These partnerships and future ones are important to the success of our students. Our goal is to get high-quality educators in our children’s classrooms, and I hope that this inspires others to enter this beautiful profession, that is, teaching and leading the next generation,” Rocha said.

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