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The SWAP club has become a new addition to the Amarillo College West Campus to help expand the student experience at the campus.

Jackie Llewellyn, speech instructor and dual credit coordinator, said SWAP stands for Students Who Are Parents. “We are a group that seeks to make the college experience easier on those students who are parents by providing resources, getting those students in touch with other local people/groups for support, and announcing kid-friendly and budget-friendly tips and ideas for families,” Llewellyn said.

“Last fall, we were sponsored by the Junior League of Amarillo, who did a diaper drive for our club, and they supplied many cases of diapers and wipes to our Advocacy and Resource Center to directly benefit our students,” Llewellyn added.

Nancy Farren, executive secretary of enrollment services, said students on West Campus really need the support the club can offer. “They are in stressful and high-pressure programs. Those students who are parents have even more stress. I believe SWAP is an excellent way to add another layer of support,” Farren said.

Kelly L. Steelman, director of financial aid, encouraged students to join clubs. “I think student clubs are an important and fun way for students to get involved with others while attending Amarillo College. It is a unique opportunity for them to find others who may have the same interests, majors or advocacy interests as them. It’s also a great way for students to make lifelong friends,” Steelman said.

Farren agreed. “I think in order to be a well-rounded student and to get a full college experience, students need to join a club. They need to enjoy the benefits of a social life on campus, giving back to our AC and the Amarillo communities and connecting with the business community through student clubs,” Farren said.

“I am overjoyed that there will now be a West Campus chapter to serve our students who are on that campus more regularly. I would love for us to have a group on each of our campuses as this club serves a large population of our students, there are many who would benefit from it on any campus,” Llewellyn said.

Farren said she hopes this expansion of SWAP to West Campus will be the first of new opportunities. “I think every club should be offered at all of the campuses,” Farren said.

To join SWAP or any other AC club or student organization, go to https://actx.presence.io/organizations or scan the QR code.

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