Letter from the editor

Raygan Lopez, Editor-in-Chief

I graduated from high school in 2020—yes I was a pandemic graduate. My original plans were to attend a university and play volleyball and COVID said “nah.” I found myself at Amarillo College, nervous and uncertain.

My first semester, I met Jill Gibson and it only took two weeks of class until I ended up on The Ranger staff. One thing lead to another and I became the Editor-in-Chief, Phi Theta Kappa President and a Blue Blazer. It only took one person to believe in me and help me come out of my shell.

I have had the opportunity to grow as a reporter and leader because my professors and advisers trusted me. My time at AC has been filled with growth, happiness and stress, but it was worth it. I grew as a learner, I wanted to talk on the radio, record more news videos, take pictures and write stories. I wanted to be more involved and help any way I could.

To my peers, I want to remind you that teachers are more than just teachers. It is not their job to hold you accountable, chase after you to turn in homework and round your 53 to a 70. They have lives too. Start treating your instructors like humans instead of like they owe you.

AC is filled with the most caring, understanding and hands-on professors. I don’t know how any university can top the ones I’ve met.

ACs Matney Mass Media program has shown me to never stop learning, don’t peak too early and that I can write 450 words in 30 minutes. Anything that I want to achieve, I can because I have a big support system behind me who believes in me.

Jill and Maddisun, you have given me the best leadership experience. I enjoyed going into your offices and sitting and talking with you. You are the best listeners and the best joke tellers. I was finally able to be myself and I can never repay you for making me feel welcomed and like it was ok to be myself. Jill, I admire you so much. Maddisun, I appreciate you deeply. Without a doubt in my mind, you both will always be the best.

The Ranger staff, you have trusted me to lead you and represent you. It has been an honor. I’ve always doubted myself but you all have made me hold myself accountable and of course get shit done. I will cherish staying until 10 p.m.in room 214 for the newspaper. The yelling, the tears, the inside jokes and the laughs have been worth it. I could not have asked for a better staff than the one I started with. I hope the next newspaper I join is as cool as us, which is hard because we’re the coolest.

The only way to truly experience college is to get involved. Faculty and staff want to see students on campus after two years of virtual learning. As humans we need connection. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, join that club, attend all of the school events you can, READ THE NEWSPAPER. Just be you. Don’t forget we’re all weird, but in college you’ll find your group of weirdos. I know I did.

AC you have been good to me. I hope I have represented you well. Thank you for seeing my potential.

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