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HBO has a hit show called “Euphoria,” starring famous celebrities like Zendaya and Jacob Elordi. It originally started airing in 2019 but season two just released Jan. 9.

Zendaya plays the main character called Rue, who is a drug addict. Her character often gets a lot of hate for glorifying drugs but her character is important. She shows the struggle of being an addict and how it affects the people around her.

They show the struggle of withdrawals and just how far addicts will go to get their desired substance. In this season they brought into light how it affected her mom and her younger sister Gia.

This season also shined light on a lot of side characters and introduced some new ones. The new characters this season are Elliot, Custer, Faye and Laurie. They introduce Elliot in the first episode at the New Year’s Eve party. Rue finds Elliot in the laundry room doing cocaine and asks to join him, which is the start of their friendship.

Faye and Custer are introduced when Rue goes with her dealer Fezco “Fez” to his suppliers. Faye is Custers’ girlfriend; she ends up living with Fez and Ashtray for the whole season.

The last character they introduce is Laurie. She is Fez’s supplier who is always strangely calm.

Even though new characters were introduced, there was still a lot of spotlight on the main characters. Immediately in the first episode the audience is able to see new love brewing. One between Lexi and Fez, which is the perfect dynamic. Lexi is really passive and observant while Fez is complete chaos.

Another new couple is Cassie and Nate. This pairing was very controversial over the fanbase because Nate is Maddy’s ex, Maddy being Cassie’s best friend.

One of the characters that didn’t get any justice was Kat. In season one she was one of the main characters that most people loved, but she barely appears in season two. She has about two scenes throughout the whole season and they only last about five minutes.

One of the scenes gave a really good visual representation of her mental health and how it’s hard to struggle with body image during this era of body positivity.

The other scene was her breaking things off with her boyfriend Ethan. In this scene, instead of being honest and saying she isn’t happy with him, she decides to lie and say she has a terminal illness. Ethan doesn’t believe her and asks her to just be honest but she gets mad and calls him out for gaslighting her, when she is doing that to him.

The first season ended with many questions, but don’t count on them being answered in the second season. The second season, as related to the first season, feels as if each episode has its own agenda but none of it correlates to the first season.

Overall season two has been very drama filled, introduced new characters and shined light on some of the side ones, but most of the plot from the first season has been completely disregarded.

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