French group heals hearts with some groovy music



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French indie-pop group L’Imperartrice is stepping onto the world stage thanks to their breakthrough album “Tako Tsubo” (Broken Heart Syndrome). With titles like “Hematome,” “Fou” (Crazy), “Peu des Filles” (Scared of Girls) and “Souffle au Coeur” (Heart Murmur), they cover all the symptoms of a broken heart. But instead of arousing feelings of sadness, the music plops you into the middle of a chic and sexy dance club. All that’s missing is the laser light show, and that’s not too hard to conjure if you close your eyes and jump around a bit.

The 13 tracks of nu-disco are all soulful, danceable and highly addictive. Even though most of the songs are in French, they stick in my brain and make me want to move. My favorite song on the album is “Fou.” If you listen closely, you can hear an omnichord in the background—it sounds like an angel harp and a synthesizer had a baby. Heavenly.

The four songs that are in English pull me all the way in, especially “Voodoo?” and “Submarine.” Both pieces take a pouty attitude with a driving beat. With the recent dissolution of Daft Punk, L’Imperatrice is poised to step up as the heir apparent, shifting from the indie scene to mainstream.

The group was recently nominated for the Les Victoires 2022 Revelation Feminine awards and will be performing at the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival in California in April as part of their upcoming world tour.

If you haven’t heard of L’Imperatrice, don’t let the French scare you. Look them up, put on your dancing shoes and give them a spin.

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