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Many have debated whether Critical Race Theory should be taught in our school  systems, but do they even know what CRT is? According to a story in Education Week, Critical  Race Theory is defined as, “The core idea is that race is a social construct and that racism is not merely the product of individual bias or prejudice, but also something embedded in legal  systems and policies.” Most people assume CRT is calling out white people for being racist, which is the exact opposite. Those who support CRT just want a change, and the only way to get that change is if white people help make the change. 

Supporters of CRT are not saying white people as a whole are racist, but that historically Caucasians have always had the most power and influence, especially in the United States, so they naturally have a moral responsibility to change how racism affects all  Americans today. Only as the total human race, will positive change for humanity be possible.  In America’s history, we have seen plenty of examples of racism from slavery, to the Trail of Tears, to the Tulsa Race Massacre in 1921. Although that is a part of America’s past and it can’t  be changed, racism is still a big part of today. I’d like to think that today, people aren’t as  openly racist, but racism undeniably exists in some form in all American institutions. 

CRT is addressing the issues in the U.S. social institutions, by showing that racism is in the laws, rules, regulations and procedures. All of these laws affect the outcome of what happens to people based on their race. Although America isn’t as loud with its racism as they  were in the past, the actions in the laws are speaking loudly. They are speaking so loudly they  want to ban CRT from being taught in schools. Taking CRT out of the schools shows America  knows there is systematic racism. “Making laws outlawing critical race theory confirms the  point that racism is embedded in the law,” said Victor Ray, a sociologist in a Brookings article. 

Taking CRT out of schools is not going to help people believe systematic racism doesn’t exist, taking CRT out will only prove that it does exist. Removing the truth about the  role of racism in America’s history is an injustice to all of those who call this country home. Students who are not taught the truth about racial divides and the resulting oppression will  learn to see the ugly face of deceit in their fellow Americans. I believe taking this out of schools  will affect the new generations and how they see racism. Someone who has never learned about racism wouldn’t understand why someone of color is upset about the law system, and how it’s unfair. Maybe that’s what the government wants is for them not to know just how bad  systematic racism is, but the government wants the hide the new generations from something  that has been happening long before their time. Hiding the truth only proves further there is  systematic racism, and they are aware of it.  

How can we trust America when all they are doing is hiding the truth? How can we trust  a country that wants to hide issues from us? We simply cannot. As a woman of color I live  through some form of racism every day, I don’t believe it’s fair for anyone of color to have to hide the issues we face. Taking CRT out is telling any person of color their opinion doesn’t  matter, the only opinion that matters is those who have power. Also, it tells any person of color  not to fight for what they believe in but to lie down and do what America and the government  think is right. What the government is doing will never be right, but what they are doing is giving people of color another reason not to trust the system or the government. CRT should not be a topic of debate, CRT should be something everyone wants to fix and keep inside of our schools.

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