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Completing daily tasks feels impossible with the never-ending checklist called life. Throw in the burning need to eat healthy, stay active and get enough sleep and the weight becomes too much to bear.  

A $5 latte from the nearest coffee joint gives a quick boost of energy but breaks the bank and results in the desire to nap soon thereafter. I spent close to $30 most weeks on sugary beverages at coffee shops during college. 

In search of an alternative, I stumbled across a health-friendly energy drink on the official Instagram page of Molly Valentine, a registered dietitian. 

Celsius beverages are now my energy drink of choice due to the health benefits I’ve experienced and minimal purchase cost. 

Celsius is a clinically proven, dietary supplement known for its science-backed, sustainable energy. Six studies conducted showed Celsius produces a thermogenic effect, which reduces body fat and increases resistance to fatigue. 

Celsius works with the body’s physical activity to produce long-lasting energy. An absence of sugar sweetener also ensures consumers stayed energized during the day. The Harvard Medical School said sugar often contributes to inflammation — a common link in heart attacks, strokes and chronic fatigue. 

While energy drink companies and coffee shops often market their products’ energizing effects, sugar is their primary sweetener, and drinking their beverages may result in a temporary energy spike followed by a prolonged sugar crash. Drinking Celsius has the opposite effect thanks to its alternative sugar sweetener, sucralose.

The use of sucralose also means it is calorie free and available to a wider range of individuals, especially diabetics who frequently monitor their sugar levels.

In contrast to the average $5 cup-of-joe, Celsius is far more affordable and available across a variety of locations. Individual cans are found at Pak-A-Sak, Toot’n Totum, United, Drug Emporium and online. 

In the past, I’ve purchased individual cans from Drug Emporium for $1.89 each and spent $2.79 per can at Pak-A-Sak. 

Out of the 12 available flavors I’ve tasted sparkling peach vibe, orange, wildberry, watermelon, kiwi guava and my personal favorite, fugi apple pear. 

From my experience, drinking Celsius throughout the workday and before workouts, I can say with confidence these energy drinks are light, energizing and sweet to the taste. 

They are also an affordable option, especially for college students and recent graduates.

Though the energizing effects backed by science and the low purchase costs speak for themselves, I encourage you to sample Celsius and see just how much your energy levels improve.

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