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Since its launch back in November 2020, Sony’s Playstation 5 has faced criticism that players have not been given a strong enough reason to buy into the new hardware. 

Many games that players have looked forward to have faced delay after delay as the video game industry tries to recover from the organizational nightmare caused by COVID. After all, why would players want to spend $500 on a new console when they can play the same game on the machine they already own? 

Sony was in need of an exclusive experience that you could only find on the PS5, and they’ve found just that. ‘Deathloop’ is a PS5 console exclusive first person shooter developed by Arkane Lyon and published by Bethesda Softworks. In ‘Deathloop,’ you take the role of a man stuck on a mysterious island where every day repeats, making death irrelevant. 

You don’t know what’s causing this phenomenon, but you know that it is your job to stop it. To do so, you must eliminate all eight of the island’s leaders in same day. If you fail, you wake up and relive the loop again. 

The gameplay of ‘Deathloop’ is based on first person shooting mechanics, as well as fantastical powers such as telekinesis, teleportation and invisibility. The mechanics of the game truly allow you the freedom to play the way you want. Want to accomplish your goal with a bang? Grab a big gun and use telekinesis to throw your enemies across the room. If that’s not appealing, use invisibility to sneak by your enemies. 

The game’s true innovation comes from how it challenges you to solve the island’s problem. You must eliminate all eight leaders within the same day, and that’s going to take some planning. 

As you play loop after loop, you learn where they are, what they are doing, and how you can manipulate them so that you can make a clean sweep of all eight. 

‘Deathloop’ will be remembered for a long time. Whether within player communities, industry developer circles or educational game design, it will be part of the conversation for its exceptional gameplay and structural innovation. Sony has found a game they can stick their flag in, and now you’ll need to find a PS5 to play it.

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