Bones or No Bones

COURTESY PHOTO Viral TikTok dog, Noodle, helps predict what kind of day people are going to have by holding himself up or falling down.

That is the question


Student Reporter

With the rising of the sun each day, some TikTok viewers ask themselves whether it is a bones day or a no bones day as determined by one 13-year-old pug, Noodle. 

“It’s a TikTok series where every day, a guy talks about whether or not his pug woke up with bones, some days he does, some days he doesn’t,” Courtney Milleson, an associate professor of speech communication at Amarillo College, said.

However, whether a day is a bones day or a no bones day is not simply a question of if a pug can stand, rather it is a question of how good or bad a day might be.

“I think if I wake up in the morning and I find his video, it can influence how my day goes because even if something goes wrong I can just say, ‘Well it’s a no bones day’,” said Cadence Lowery-Hart, a music major.

Noodle’s predictions do not always ring true. For some, the opposite of his predictions are true.

“I don’t know if it actually predicts what kind of day it will be, because I feel like if it’s a bones day I’m having a no bones day,” said Riley Riggan, a criminal justice major.

While Noodle’s predictions may not always be accurate, fans say that does not discredit Noodle’s efforts. “We all have those days, the pug is totally relatable,” said Milleson. 

She added regardless of Noodle’s accuracy, his predictions can encourage people to alter the course of their own day.

“My bones and no bones days do seem to line up with the pug’s, but when I’m having a no bones day it makes me want to have a bones day,” said Myka Vallejo, a psychology major, “Like seeing the pug is a little reminder that I should try instead.”

This sentiment is reinforced by the encouraging words of Noodle’s owner, who puts a bright spin on every day regardless of whether it is a bones day or not.

“I think it’s uplifting, even if it’s a no bones day, the guy in the videos will say things like be more patient with yourself today, or go out and make the most of today,” Lowery-Hart said.

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