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A Belmar Bakery and Cafe pumpkin roll (left) and a Ms. Piggy’s Custom Bake Shoppe pumpkin roll (right). Raygan Lopez | The Ranger




As  you may know it is officially fall and I have decided to review the pumpkin rolls from two different bakeries. I rated the rolls on three different things: cost, overall taste and presentation. 

First,  I tried Belmar Bakery and Cafe on Bell Street. The pumpkin roll cost $20 even, which is a reasonable price for a bakery in my opinion. The cream cheese was the perfect amount of sweet, however the ends of the roll were covered in cream cheese which made the first slice overwhelmingly sugary for me. 

The cake held together as I cut into the roll and evened out the sweetness of the cream cheese. At first I thought the amount of powdered sugar was too much on top but it did not affect the roll as much as I thought it would. 

The roll itself was presented very pretty and appealing to the customer eye. I rate Belmar’s pumpkin roll an eight out of ten. 

Next, I tried Ms. Piggy’s Custom Bake Shoppe on Southwest 33rd Avenue. The pumpkin roll was $33.95 which is more costly than Belmar Bakery. 

There was not much cream cheese filling  in the roll and it was not as sweet as Belmar’s but it was still tasty. The cake cut a lot easier which caused it to fall apart as I was eating it.

Like the cream cheese, the cake was not as sweet as Belmar’s. As for presentation the roll was wrapped in plastic and as I unwrapped the roll the powdered sugar came off as well. I give Ms. Piggy’s pumpkin roll a six out of ten.

Each bakery had their cons. For Belmar I would not have added the cream cheese on the end because the sweetness of the pumpkin roll might be too intense for some. 

Belmar Bakery has the perfect pumpkin roll for someone with a sweet tooth. As for Ms. Piggy’s, I do not think the pumpkin roll was worth nearly $34.

I think if the pumpkin roll had more cream cheese filling it would have complimented the cake better. Ms. Piggy’s pumpkin roll is for someone who craves a dessert but does not want a cavity. 

The biggest deciding factor for me was cost considering I am a college student. Belmar Bakery won this round because it was inexpensive and “Instagram worthy.”

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  1. Belmar Bakery definitely has a special place in my heart since the owners are the parents of friends from high school, but the price difference is enough to have me sold! In the past, I made a pumpkin roll during a college food preparation class, and I have mad respect for anyone who can execute on the texture. Let’s just say my pumpkin roll was too sticky, had clumps of flour, and lacked any semblance of a roll shape. It sounds like both bakeries were able to properly execute their pumpkin rolls while delivering two different flavor options for consumers to choose from!

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