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Amarillo College graduate CJ Scott, writer and director of “Whispers,” is working hard to make a thought, an idea, a dream come true. This dream will not only affect her; an entire crew will gain field experience alongside the chance to start in a career that has the potential to reach many parts of the world. They are making a movie. 

“Whispers” is a full-length horror film that will be filmed in Amarillo. “Our ultimate goal is to successfully tell a good story; We want to share our love for filmmaking, and make a movie we feel is worth being seen,” Scott said. 

According to Ryan Hershey, “Whispers” actor and cinematic arts major, there are many issues involved, including funding, finding the right actors, getting that actor to look a certain way for the part and the fear that actors have to face. “Without giving anything away, I am nervous about a scene near the end that is emotionally difficult. It will take a level of skill many actors strive for. If we don’t get it, we will try harder,” Hershey said.  

“We want ‘Whispers’ to be more than just another scary movie, even if it is low budget. We have nothing to prove to anyone but ourselves; and if we never try, well then we are already failing.” Scott said. 

“Film is a lucrative field,” Bryan Arvello, assistant director of “Whispers,” said. “You do not have to be in Hollywood or have a massive budget. All you have to do is get your camera and film something you like. If you want to get stuff done go for it.” 

Christina Gay, “Whispers” actor and theatre major, said she is dedicated and eager to see the show take form. “This is the first film I’m a part of and absolutely adore the script and the other cast members. I hope everyone will enjoy this project as much as I have been a part of it.”

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