Drakes new album brings back old school vibe

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On Sept. 3 artist Drake released his long-awaited album “Certified Lover Boy.” The hiphop/rap album has had fans going crazy. 

In 2019, Drake announced he would be releasing another album in which fans had been waiting for  since 2018. 

“Certified Lover Boy” features several artists like Giveon, Lil Baby, Lil Durk, JAY-Z, Travis Scott, Future and Young Thug. 

Some of his songs also features artist he has collaborated with in the past like Lil Wayne, Rick Ross and Nicki Minaj make  an appearance on the album.

Drake did not choose to go completely “new school.” The album is a perfect mix of Drake’s old album “Scorpion” and a new kind of more hip Drake. This album shows Drake can do both and still manage to keep his fans happy.

Even though Drake gave us a perfect mixture of old school and new school, the album could’ve done without a few songs. “ Knife talk” featuring 21 Savage and Project Pat is a song that the album could’ve done without. I think if 21 Savage would’ve been taken off the song it might have made the song better. It was  repetitive and doesn’t fit the vibe of Drake’s music that his fans are used to. 

“Papi’s Home” is a song that definitely needed to be on this album, it’s a vibe the Drake fans are used to but it also has a vibe of “new school.” In “Papi’s Home” Drake references things that were a trend this year. 

Nicki Manaj also made an appearance on the song, which was a surprise for some fans. I would give this album a 4 out of 5 stars.

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