In-person graduation, a blessing to end a tough year

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COVID has impacted our lives for the past year and changed the way things are normally done. With the vaccine, social distancing and mask mandate lifting, people are beginning to wonder what is next?
For me personally, it’s graduation.

Since starting at Amarillo College I have been excited to have the opportunity to graduate and walk the stage in front of my family and friends. I am the first person in my family for the past several decades to graduate from college.

When COVID started, Amarillo College stopped doing in-person graduations and switched it strictly to virtual graduations instead. As graduation gets closer I have become more and more devastated at the fact that I will not get the opportunity to have in-person graduation.

However, rumor has it that Amarillo College will in fact have in-person graduation at an undisclosed location. Masks will still probably be mandatory, but that is better than the alternative; a virtual graduation.

I am thankful that AC believes Amarillo has taken the right precautions to allow us to attend an actual
graduation. The thought of spending two years working full time on my college degree, spending hours studying for tests, quizzes, writing countless essays, buying lab supplies and textbooks, without walking across the stage to show off my hard work really troubled me. Now that I might get the chance, I have more motivation to finish up this semester strong.

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